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You didnt really get a sense of this series until now. You dont know where its going to take you, but I think its going to make you think. Overall: 45Beauty and the Beast seriesNext up is Beauty and the Beast. The trailers and the series itself dont really reveal much about this series except for it being a fairy tale, but it seems like this will be more of a fantasy than a fairy tale. If I recall correctly from the trailers, theres a talking rose as well, but so far I dont feel like knowing too much about the characters, well not enough to care anyway, and Im still too new to these so its hard to know whether this is going to be a good or bad series. You watch itYou dont really feel like reading, and this might be a good opportunity to catch the series with someone you like better, you, since you like to watch a lot of anime, and you dont want to read through the series guide. You log onto Crunchyroll, Which you never use, and view the preview for the series. The descriptions of the series seem pretty generic, but its not really critical that youre picking something up too quickly. You do go to click on the first preview for the series that looks good and youre now on chapter 1, which gives you a little sense of where youre going with this. You chapter 1Just as the preview has warned you, this is a pretty generic story. It doesnt really make you think This is going to be any good, it just comes across as normal. It doesnt really make you want to watch it, though, if thats even possible since theres nothing that really stands out about it. You might find this series alright, but you dont think youll get that far. Overall: 15Beauty and the Beast: Chapter 1 seriesYoure still stuck on Beauty and the Beast Chapter 1. You dont know what the hell youre going to do with it, so you decide to close your browser and go home. When you come home, your sister is reading a book on Tales of the Old Republic 2. She doesnt get bored for a while so its good, but you feel like youre missing out on a lot of TV. You could watch the movie, but you dont have a lot of free time. You watch TVYou dont really feel like putting in the effort of changing the channel, so you turn it on and settle in for that evenings TV. This includes the Disney Channel, but thats a long drive.

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