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ComSalons in Frankfurt are home to gurus of the highest quality. Rich has the luxury of being the only one of its kind in the world. It is a place where the whole world comes together, with no exceptions. A place where no one can tell you what to do. A place where you can love each other. Rich is the people, so it is no wonder that our guests come here every day. Rich is not only our home; it is also the base of our activities for the worldwide entertainment business. We have an extensive network of offices and work places worldwide, including in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. To learn more about some of your favorite Salons, please visit our Salons Page. Our TeamOur team is made up of independent men of diverse backgrounds who share a common goal: providing excellent service to our clients. We are all here because our passion is to serve our readers. The list below shows the name, affiliation and the position in the company. Ller is head of the company as well as the Chief Executive. He helps in the development of the companys media strategies as well as in the development and distribution of the publishing and other media services in the group. He manages the Groups newspaper and magazine products, TV, radio and internet media initiatives as well as the Groups marketing and public relations operations. He oversees the Groups global marketing and advertising departments, both in terms of planning and execution. Rich Group, as well as its marketing for its Groups services, products and events.

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