NBC Calls 'Jeopardy!' Champion 'Lesbian Tutor,' Leaving Social Media Confused and Angry

NBC News’ social media team could use Elon Musk‘s proposed edit tool on a tweet about the reigning ‘Jeopardy!’ champ … all because they focused on her sexuality and job title, confusing and even angering a lot of users on Twitter.

Mattea Roach has won 17 consecutive games, which ranks No. 8 all-time, qualifying for the game show’s Tournament of Champions and bringing her current winnings to $396,182 … but NBC News decided to highlight the fact she’s a “lesbian tutor” in a story about her achievements.

The controversial tweet was blasted out Friday to NBC News’ 9 million followers, with many people reacting to the “lesbian tutor” description, showing confusion over the choice of words and even anger.

One user’s hilarious response … “Oh ffs. What on earth is a lesbian tutor? You mean she helps people become better lesbians? Be better @NBCNews & know that this incredible woman’s sexuality has absolutely no bearing on her amazing @Jeopardy streak & smarts!”

The tweet is still up as of this post, and it doesn’t get much better when you click the link … the headline for the NBC News story reads, “Mattea Roach becomes latest LGBTQ ‘Jeopardy!’ phenom.”

Mattea hasn’t even mentioned her sexuality on the show … NBC reports she “is a lesbian, according to her Twitter account.” Oh, the irony.

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