Naga Munchetty hits back as BBC Breakfast viewer tries to correct her

Naga Munchetty tells Labour MP 'people need help now'

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Naga Munchetty took to Twitter earlier today to reply to a BBC Breakfast viewer who claimed she had made a blunder while discussing the Celebrity MasterChef 2022 winner. The presenter had been discussing the show’s finale this morning alongside co-host Charlie Stayt, whilst simultaneously trying not to spoil the result for fans who hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet.

Despite Naga’s best efforts, Twitter user Matthewrhodie fumed: “Thanks a lot @TVNaga01 we won’t ruin the Celebrity Masterchef final result if you haven’t seen it ‘but we will tell you he is one happy man…’!

“Erm I wonder if Lisa Snowdon or Mel Blatt have ever been described as that before…”

Naga quickly corrected the viewer, as she insisted she had not made a mistake, hitting back: “I did not say man – I said ‘very happy winner’.”

Lisa Snowdon was crowned the winner of the hit BBC reality show last night after competing for the title against McFly’s Danny Jones and All Saints singer Mel Blatt.

The TV star’s reaction comes after she sparked backlash over her frequent interruptions during her Thursday morning interview with Thérèse Coffey.

BBC viewers were left less than impressed following Naga’s conversation with the Health Secretary about the new plan for the NHS.

The new proposal will guarantee no one will wait more than two weeks for an appointment with a GP.

However, the plans have been met with opposition from doctors, and Thérèse’s interview with Naga on sparked debate as the host interrupted her guest to try and clarify her stance.

Speaking over Thérèse, Naga said: “Sorry, when you say… I understand you’ll be setting out more detail.

“When you say ‘unlocking’, does that mean there’s money there that just hasn’t been able to be used?”

Naga also asked if there was “spare money”, to which Thérèse highlighted her plan was about clinicians having the freedom to designate their own funds.

“Excuse my confusion then,” Naga tried to begin. “Excuse my confusion…”

“Over 44 percent of our national expenditure on day-to-day running of the country goes to the NHS,” Thérèse clarified. “I’m conscious that needs to be well-spent and for us to remove some of the issues in government that people have raised.”

But some online users had mixed opinions on Naga’s interviewing style and took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Some even slammed the veteran BBC star as “rude”, while others praised her for scrutinising the politician’s plans.

Tash Putter penned: “@BBCBreakfast you know it’s quite hard for your guests to tell you things if you keep interrupting them @TVNaga01.”

Laura Hall-Wilson tweeted: “@TVNaga01 so chippy, so rude, so dismissive. She’s just awful!! Please let ministers talk and answer!!! #bbcbreakfast.”

“@TVNaga01 here we go again!” @Sniffer1967 typed. “You can’t bear allowing someone you don’t like to finish their answer to a question! It’s always obvious when you dislike someone – can’t wait to butt in!”

And @DanDan_1979 penned: “What an annoying interview both as bad as each other #bbcbreakfast stop talking other each other!!”

“Loving the interview on @BBCBreakfast @TVNaga01 holding @theresecoffey to account!” Catherine B added.

“Not letting her just try to use key words without backing up! Like recruitment! The ones on benefits aren’t GPs and nurses! #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #notGPsfault #funding.”

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