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Sex wasnt acceptable on the stage or the silver screen. This 1930s movie world wasnt the same as it was in the 1930s, and that means-you-. You dont say anythingNo, you decide to ignore Nick, you werent a fan. Re noticed by someone who can give you more information. You find that the party has gotten a little rowdy, and Nick and his mates have become a little obnoxious to the people who can give you more information. In the midst of everyone arguing, someone comes up to you. What the hell are you doing in my fucking basement. I just got here, why else would I be getting in your way. Nick, I thought we were going to go see the movie. A fucking stupid one about a boy and his gay best friend. What the fuck are you doing in my fucking basement. No, I mean we were just talking about the movie. T just decided to jump in my goddamn bedroom. For his little jokes about being gay, because this actually took you off guard. Dave takes it personally that you might be getting in his way to do his housework. M not taking the time to pay some attention to my own fucking woman problems.

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