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Title-Beauty Taken in endoftext In a previous post we looked at how to use a basic array array of objects to create a simple query to fetch data from the users database. In this blog post were going to see a way to fetch data from the users database using the UserDao from the MongoDB framework using the Mongoose ORM. Getting the data from the databaseThe UserDao is available as a MVC controller in the dbmodels directory of the application and it is a class that implements the UserModel interface. This-null; This simple example shows how we can use the Model. This method finds the user from the database, deletes them and returns the id of the deleted user. A single delete can be applied to multiple users, but the Model can also be set to perform other actions like creating or updating users. Note: As the model class is a static one, it will be instantiated on the first time the application runs. Calling this method will return a UserModel instance as if you called the Find method on the User model. Collection userDao ;Notice that no database specific data in a query. It is a good practice to always create your data as no-ops to maintain the separation between the DB and your application logic. Creating Users using the ModelWe can also create our users from the Database using the Model. Model-create method and pass in the id of the user to create, the firstname, lastname, age and email from the database query.

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