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You leave the chat, you are about to log off at this point and then you notice a large group of people in the chat. Some people have left, but most are still in the chat. You sit down on the couch and close your computer. You are not even sure if you should start a new life yet, but you feel guilty for not being on here during the time when the group was building up tension, and you feel like youre being a fake for not being here. The guilt is overpowering, but after giving into it for a moment, you decide to give yourself another chance, but not in life to start with. You delete your entire personal network and log into a completely new one. You try to delete your old one, but that doesnt work either. You keep getting This channel is currently being used and has been deleted. You decide to leave your old ID number and try to add a new one. You delete old accountYou delete your old account and log into a new one. You continue trying different numbers, but the same thing happens. You delete your entire system and decide it wont be safe to go back to that. You dont know what to believe anymore, if what the people in the chat are telling you or if everything is a lie. You delete channel entirelyYou begin deleting the channel completely. A few people leave messages, but nothing else happens. You leave the chat completely in a depressed state. You log off and then log back. You dont talk to anyone or do anything on the internet. You go to bed and spend the rest of the day depressed. You dont sleep and you dont eat. The depression slowly makes you a person who is going through withdrawal. You want to die and it feels like a part of you is slowly dying. You dont feel depressed for quite some time, but you notice a strange shift in the hours after you left the chat. People were more talkative with each other and started expressing happiness and joy about stuff they saw on the internet. You didnt understand why they were happier, but it seemed like there was more to it than just the chat. You began to feel sick every now and then. You couldnt stand the thought of anything being put in your mouth or drink that wasnt water. You ended up throwing up a couple times. After you finished throwing up, you went on with your life, but you felt like you were dead. It feels like something is going into your.

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