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You choose to leave the dinerThe next day, you head to school. If Gangnam really does exist, as you have heard, why is there a lack of people there. Well, you are going to find out whether its reputation is a lie or not. You arrive in class, and you see a lot of people are talking to each other, but not too many people are speaking to you. As you wait for your teacher to call your name, you notice you arent the only one speaking to someone. You turn around to see who is speaking, and there is someone you havent seen in a while, its Chae Hoong. When you had last seen him, he was making weird eyes at you. Do you know anyone that might be joining us today. Chae looks at you, before looking away. You feel like youre being interrogated. You and everyone else are on your way out the door. The morning afterYou wake up the next day, and there are more curious conversations about you than ever. After school, you ask your mom if you can play a game on XBox. She tells you she doesnt think its necessary, and that you should play on your computer instead. As you walk to school, you notice there are a lot more people surrounding the school than there were yesterday.

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