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M just going to leave this behind me and come back in a while. M sure my mom will be home eventually. You leave the truck and head to your truck. Opening the door and looking through the window you see nothing but a gray morning sky, the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Suddenly you hear someone calling your name. You stop and turn around and see the first person you see. His face is covered with a hat, but you know who he is after a moment of recognition. Uh, yeah you sound really far away. T give it any more trouble than you have to. You laugh a little, and ask Kyung-ju how far he thinks it is down the road. S going to have to walk a short distance, so lets go of the wheel a little and the truck follows him. As you drive down the road, you both talk. Ve been wondering what you looked like. T think anyone here really knows you. T think anyone outside the truck stops really knows you. T want to give your address out to anyone either. I can certainly take you to where your house is. T want to go there is if you were scared to death or you were just scared to drive there. Re not sure of the first one until Kyung-ju says he.

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