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Immigration This is a list of all citizenships by state and country. Country Uhmm, I think you should take your time, the hostess says, obviously nervous to be talking to you. Now, we have a lot to share, so if you dont mind, would you like to share lunch with us. Wed all love to hear your stories. Oh, gimme a second, you say, and walk over to the desk. Were just trying to tell you stories about us, the hostess says. Well tell you our stories, about a trip we took, a holiday we visited, a book we read, a movie we enjoyed, a meal we enjoyed. Im Noma Odunstad, but everyone calls me Noma. My father is Danish, and my mother is Danish, and my grandparents were all originally from Denmark. My older brother was the first one to be drafted, and he was killed. My other brother, he was killed in a car accident. My mother had to go back to work as a nurse. My father used to work as a cab driver. He used to take us to the movies and to the mall. Weve got a lot of TV, and we watch a lot of TV.

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