Music was peppy and synthy, everyone had a Rubiks cube, and everything was …

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Ferris from Ferris Buellers Day Off: He also has a Ferris from Ferris Buellers Day Off movie costume. The Nightmare Before Christmas: A few of the characters have costumes with this theme. There is Snow Whites Elven Ranger Outfit, the Evil Queens Queen of Hearts Outfit, the Little Green Men Outfit, the Jack Skellington Outfit, the Nightmare Before Christmas itself, and the Night Before Halloween Outfit. The Jack and The Red Baron Outfit is an all-time favorite. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Sylvester is always on the verge of stealing this from the other characters in the movie, then he ends up stealing it from the fans himself. He has a number of them, although he only wears one or two of them. After seeing the original performance in a theater, he decided the best way to get the image of the character out to the fans was to have an outtake version of the movie. He goes out there in his Rocky Horror Picture Show outfit, gets heckled, and goes topless during the song I Think I Aint Worth A Dollar For Trying. Theres a Johnny Tremain costume that was included in the Tintin toys, but it only came with his comic book adaptation of The Secret of the Unicorn as opposed to the movies book. Its the most popular costume among movie lovers, though.

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