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You dont see any point in telling themYou dont say anything, you simply go to the bathroom and shower up your dirty clothes, you need the rest. Once youre done wiping your arse off you take a shower and then youre on your way to the appointment. You get in and the attendant at the front desk starts ushering people in, which takes a little while. Its nearly half an hour of you waiting for an available seat and then finally the person with you is in front of you. They start getting to work checking your documents, Youre not even sure, and then they finally ask you for your name and address, followed by your height, weight and eye colour. The attendant then shows you to the room and you walk in and immediately you feel like a complete idiot. Theres a bed there, a bedsheet and a pillow, a desk with some papers and another attendant is standing by looking at you. You can tell shes a little older than you, probably in her 30s or 40s, or maybe even older. Her hair is a little salt and pepper, she wears glasses and shes obviously very intelligent. Youre so incredibly tired that you dont even look at her, and you fall back onto the bed as soon as shes seated across from you. You get up again when shes done signing and after a while she asks you a few more questions. So youre coming here for a make over, are you sure you want to do all this yourself. The blonde girl hands you a stack of papers. The first page of this forms checks your medical history, your family and your lifestyle. The next page details all the procedures youll be getting done at this shop so you know what to expect and what to expect to miss. The final page has the cost of everything so youll be able to afford it yourself. In case you dont know this, if you come here you wont fall ill, if you do, were here to help you. And with those words, she leaves you to your rest. Youre aching all over and you can feel your mind and soul slowly slipping away.

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