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The two of you go back to eating, with you eating some hamburgers and Mutchie going for a few more cups of coffee from the dispenser. After a while you both yawn and you say,So how was your tour of duty. Everyone was real polite and they even gave me a few candy bars as a form of compensation for my lost teeth. They must really have wanted to make a good impression on you. See you tomorrow you say and begin to get up, but Mutchie grabs your hand and says No, before you go. The police academy will be holding a big party that night. Ll get me a few more free hamburgers. You smile at Mutchie, who looks at you as if to say, is this really the best you can do. You get back to work and start to prepare for the festivities. As you finish up you hear a few loud noises that are coming from outside and a couple of people running about the area. You quickly get up and head out to investigate. When you get outside you see a few police officers running in circles to and fro shouting at each other. Re probably just drunk from the night before. You also see a couple of police cars parked outside along with some barricades and metal detectors. Suddenly, gunshots are heard and the officers start firing back. T help and the whole area is now in a state of chaos as people run in every which way. You shout, getting into a nearby police car and pulling the driver door away to try and hide behind it. Re going to get yourself shot by the police when you do so. S safe, you take one last look at the city and its chaos and then you go back to work. Ve made up their minds to follow him.

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