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If you do not agree with my thoughts of this story, I cannot say why but I just cannot help it because I love this story. So please do not hate me by saying Im an idiot because I know Im not. On one side, you hate yourself for being a coward. On another, you hate everything about the man who abused you for 4 long months and killed your soul. The man you once loved and thought was your best friend. The man you thought would never hurt you. You leave this man aloneYou are sure if you stayed any longer with this man, you would turn into a monster. You turn left and begin walking, leaving this man behind. You take your time walking through the streets. A large group of people walk towards you. You know its going to be dangerous and you need to get away from this man. The group of people you are with will not help you. You keep walking towards the outskirts of town, through the night. The crowd of people start making noise, arguing with one another. You continue walking as you walk through the streets. You walk through the dark, until you see the bright lights of the city lights. You start to get hungry and feel cold. You see a streetlight and take a few steps towards it. Suddenly, you feel a cold pain go through your entire body. As if you were in a dream, you feel strange sensations of nausea and pain. You are Dreaming A NightmareIt is a dark and stormy night. Darkness envelopes you completely and you cannot see a thing. The darkness takes over your soul and your sight is gone. You are sure if you stayed any longer with this man, you would turn into a monster.

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