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All of them, most of them, have beenAll of the people on that list were at the top of their fields, if you recall. Ve always wondered what the fuck was going on here. T be any other explanation than this being some sort of secret government experiment. T been able to cover your tracks as cleanly. Ve caused even more damage to your career. The last thing you need now is to deal with the military and their overzealous actions. D have to live in prison during those stressful times. You exclaim and immediately start hitting yourself in the head to try to put yourself out of your delusional thinking. You shout and run out of the trailer, trying to ignore the barrage of questions being thrown your way. Even your friends are getting a little concerned by now. You go to the trailer park which by now is completely surrounded. Re going to home, and they ask where you come from. Re some alien trying to escape their jurisdiction. I can fucking sense the energy right now. Get the fuck away from me you scumbag. The leader of the guys says and then raises his hand in a Nazi salute in front of everyone. Your immediate surroundings are now surrounded by armed men.

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