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With only 27 saying he was doing a poor job. A majority of Democrats feel Obama did a good job as well, with 37 saying he was doing a good job. A majority of independents, 50, and Republicans, 62, think the president was doing a good job. The poll was conducted between January 31 and February 4 among 1000 adults nationwide. The president has some work to do among Republicans to gain back the trust he once had with the conservative base. While he does a good job among independents and was more trusted than past Republican presidents, an overwhelming majority of conservatives are still not satisfied with Obamas job performance. Nearly 70 of conservatives say they are not satisfied with how the president is handling his job as president. The president is much more popular among Democrats with 60 saying they approve of how he is performing as president. He is even more popular among independents with 80 saying they approve of him. Among Republicans, 37 approve of Obamas work as president. Just 24 of Republicans say they approve of his job performance. Views of the president seem to be negatively impacted by the economy during the past three years under his administration. About half of respondents, 51, think the economy has gotten better since Obama took office, while 40 think it has gotten worse, and another 13 were unsure. The poll was conducted after the release of the jobs numbers released earlier this week showing the unemployment rate is down to 7. The same poll found that most Americans say Obamas health care reform law has been bad for the country. The health care law is likely to continue to be a top concern for voters as the president attempts to fend off a Republican congressional push to repeal the law. Nearly two-thirds, 64, of Americans surveyed said they either strongly approve, 13, or somewhat approve, 37, of what Obama and members of his administration in his administration have accomplished in implementing the health care law. About one-third, 34, strongly disapprove of what the administration has accomplished in implementing the law. The poll was taken before last weekends Supreme Court decision on the health care law that upheld most of the law while allowing the federal government to continue to cut funding to defund insurance companies that do not accept all applicants in the new health care exchanges. A majority of poll participants, 55, said that the decision will make it tougher for Democrats in Congress to pass legislation to improve health care coverage in the country. An additional 30 said it will make it easier and 17 said it makes no difference.

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