Moscow PD Gets Access To Counseling Amid Murders, Patrols Continue Around City

University of Idaho Murder Victims

Moscow PD seems to still be struggling to find significant leads in the case of the slain college students … but the cops investigating have been offered counseling as pressure to get answers ramps up.

The counseling services have been activated in the department as a way to take “care of our officers,” according to department spokesman Captain Anthony Dahlinger … who told DailyMail the resources are there “for anyone who needs them, and our priority is to keep our force healthy as we work until we get this investigation to its conclusion.”

Capt. Dahlinger says morale is still high, however … adding, “We’re all committed to seeing this investigation through to the end – it being the holidays is kind of moot. We’re just focused on that goal.”

A rep for the department confirms the news with TMZ, and says “Our officers and their families are continually offered support through several avenues including our regional Peer Support Team,” adding counseling will continue to be offered on an as-needed basis.

We’re also told patrols around Moscow and Univ. of Idaho are constant and will continue — thanks to the help from Idaho State Police.

As we reported, former tenant Cole Alteneder — who graduated from the University of Idaho — told ABC news he was shocked no one heard the students getting murdered, because the “creaky house” had to give off signals something terrible was happening.

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