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Kovas says looking at your morph-stained clothes. A slight scowl on your face, you say. Ve actually had a single drink the entire time. M more than a little concerned about my physical condition right now. Re not worried about my mental condition. M going to commit murder and rape you. M trying to hold off on my morph. M not going to hold you back. Ll be keeping you away from things that will cause problems. You want me to stay away from horror movies. Well, if you want something a little more low-key, I can bring some scary movies up to the studio. T a horror fan, but I can help you with that. T familiar with most of the directors, but we have a great collection here. Re also fairly stocked with horror and cult movies, specifically those that are set in or about locations you like. So, what do you want to do first then. Kovas pauses, he was hoping to start off the conversation with something.

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