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You are not sure how well you are going to like it. After all, you dont think you have ever used any type of magic in your life before, but it has to be better than makeup or whatever else you have used. When you get home you look at the item and it has a strange, but almost ethereal quality to it. It is like your magic eye with a smaller version of it, but it seems to focus its powers to your eyes. You quickly go through your new found beauty and it seems to make you feel beautiful. After a while, you stop noticing all this oddness, but you wonder what the point of being a powerful magical being is if you arent using it. Eventually though, you get the hang of it and start feeling like you can make yourself more beautiful. By the end of the day, you have managed to change into anything you wanted to, but this was all just a temporary fix. Eventually you find yourself back to normal. You had always thought that being a magical being was what made you special and able to do wonderful things like this, but it seems that your physical ability was a lot more powerful and that being a magical being was some sort of bonus that you just couldnt live without. You have to Use itYou know it probably wont do much, but you need to do something other than sitting around by yourself and looking at the ceiling. You head down to the basement, which is where all the magic uses seem to be. You dont even have to try very hard to find one just like you dont find one in your room, though the ones in your home seem to be in better condition. You are a little surprised to see several people in the very back room. While they probably havent noticed you yet, you are just as surprised as they are. You find a little girl in the back of the room. She doesnt know you are here yet, but she is staring at you with a confused expression. Yeah, it took me a while to get used to it and I need to use it to get back to normal. Im sorry, but your new state is beyond anything I can do. I dont even care if you transform into anything, youll never be like this ever again. I know that, but its okay, you can have a chance at being the one to save me, Im sure Ill get there. You tell her to come closerYou try to calm her down.

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