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I see youre new here, my name is Phil. I didnt expect to learn about you until just now. Im sorry that Im not famous, but Im just a quiet man. The man seems a bit confused by your remarks. But the fact that youre new here means you must have connections or something. No, I just moved to this town five years ago. And Ive been doing a lot of work in the computer fields to earn some extra money for the next few years to support my family. Well, you do know what youre talking about. Ive never even heard of you before. Now that thats out of the way, Im just wondering why you joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You dont really know what to say, so you begin to explain yourself. I was trying to understand why the world was going through a period of depression. I had a few friends who belonged to other religions, but I always wondered why my own religion felt the way it did. I thought maybe the church had a solution to the worlds problem, but I never really was able to understand it. You must have some very dark thoughts about the church. Phil, Im just getting out of the cult. Phil looks like he wants to say something, but he stops himself from doing so. Look, I know youre new to this town, and I dont mean to be that way. But if youre going to say something negative about the church, then at least say it with an open mind. Ive heard things, and Ive also seen things, so let me make this as easy as possible for you. Phil takes your hand and says Please come to our church in a few days. I want you to meet these two gentlemen right away. He leads you to a small church that looks very similar to your previous one. Theyre a couple that are members of the church, but my friend is trying to leave it. I wanted to make sure you did it the right way, so youll meet them right there at the church. He goes through the usual steps to get you and your belongings. Well, I should tell you that if you have any problems or even questions with this, you can talk to my friend, Mr.

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