More than ever before, women are putting themselves under extreme …

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You know that you cant go through with it and you have given into this for so long now that you just wont do it anymore. You go back in time and you go back to when you were a kid and you never once played with anything that was bigger than your head. Especially if it was a dog, The next thing you do is you go to the mall and you go shopping and you buy some pretty stuff. And then you lookThen you see the girlsAnd theyre all wearing suchYoure not doing this for you. You know that you dont have all that much going for you when it comes to the girl stuff and you never have and you never will. This whole game is just a way of you testing the waters of this whole love thing and it seems to be working. Well that took a lot less effort than you thought it was going to. Alice doesnt look too much surprised by your answer. I can get you in to some fancy prom stuff that I think youll like and then you could walk out of here as a proud and happy high school senior. Alice seems to be a little surprised by all this as she asks you if all this is too much. I just dont think I have the personality for all this stuff. Most of us here dont have much in the way of skills, so it will be nice to learn what we can from someone who is at least a pretty good cook and has the personality to back it up. Besides, it will help us out if youre willing to throw yourself into this like you are with Alice. Alice gets up and goes back to the kitchen. While doing your own thing in the living room, Alice pops her head up from the kitchen. Alice looks at you with a blank expression on her face. Then she walks towards you and kisses you on the lips. Alice hugs you as you both walk into Alices house, and the two of you are on your way.

Post about The price of beauty