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You say Ill go to Salone Barber. You stand up and head west for Tukwila. Salone Barber is a small barbershop with a single chair in back filled to the brim with young men waiting their turn to get a haircut from the shops owner Mr. Salone, you say and move into the small shop with a smile on your face. You quickly have a mans haircut, and he looks like a man in his 20s. You do your usual thing, including a bit of trimming the sides, but Salone stops you with a question. Salone says as he begins looking around the shop. He looks at his watch, then at you, before looking up and smiling. Salone takes a few steps forward, grabbing your hand as he looks you up and down. Salone looks slightly disappointed in your answer. He looks down at his watch again, then at you. Come on kid, I know there has to be a trick to your answer. Salone grabs your hand and looks you up and down again. Youre a kid looking to make some extra coin. But in all the years Ive been in this business, Ive worked with plenty of kids with a job and a lot more with a job, but a couple extra coins. I think its time to hire a new employee, kid. Youre too young, Im afraid; youll never make it here. Its not that I dont like you or anything, youve just got a gift, and thats it. Just give me a chance, you say, trying really hard to sound confident.

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