Mohamed Jbali: Working in America is Making Me RICH!

Last December, we reported that Mohamed Jbali was leaving his home to become a truck driver.

Now, he’s sharing a life update — showing just how far he’s come since he was Danielle Mullins’ husband.

Mohamed Jbali wants 90 Day Fiance fans to know exactly how he’s doing these days.

Taking to Facebook, he’s opening up about life on the road.

“It’s been almost a year now I have been working as a truck driver,” his post begins.

Here, we see the reality TV legend pose beside a FedEx truck.

“I live in a truck for 24/7,” Mohamed details about his current life.

“And,” he continues, “work almost 70 hours a week.”

“When I first started this job,” Mohamed admits, “I under estimated how tiring and mentally exhausting it can be.”

He adds: “especially being on the road everyday and every night in a truck.”

Mohamed acknowledges that he has been “running on the highway with non stop!”

“This job is not an easy job,” Mohamed states.

“Even if it looks like just traveling from a state to a other,” he admits.

Mohamed continues: “while listening to your favorite music and watching beautiful sceneries right and left.”

“This job really is not easy job,” he reiterates.

“And,” he shares, “it gets harder and harder over the time.”

Yes, we would certainly imagine so. Many jobs can become a “grind” over time, and truck driving seems to fit the bill.

“But by the end of the week when you look at your paycheck,” Mohamed describes.

“And,” he says, “remember that you have no bills to pay and no rent to worry about.”

Mohamed remarks: “plus you see how your bank account is growing bigger.”

“You just smile and magically you get some extra power,” Mohamed describes.

“And your energy get boosted,” he adds.

Mohamed says that this happens “in a way that you feel like you can deal with all this for an other year or two!”

“And thats pretty much how I feel every single week,” Mohamed shares.

“As a conclusion,” he remarks, “life is not that easy like some ppl think it is.”

“And,” Mohamed adds, like the shopkeeper of a cursed thrift store, “everything has a price.”

“If you don’t spend your time and energy to buy a better future,” Mohamed expresses.

His advice continues: “you aren’t going anywhere”

“And,” Mohamed concludes, “you will always stay right where you at.”

It’s good that he isn’t planning on doing this particular job, of cross-country truck driving, forever.

One, it sounds like it could take a mental and emotional toll upon him and his dog, an Akita named Bowie.

He will eventually want to have a stable home again.

Two, we all know that the wonders of autonomous vehicles will be dominating roadways within the next few decades, or even in a matter of years.

While the promise of automation will make roads safer and lower many transportation costs, it is likely to displace many truck drivers (not to mention rideshare drivers).

Our society needs to make sure that workers whose jobs are replaced by automation have a safety net and support. Everyone deserves food, shelter, and healthcare.

According to Danielle Mullins, she and her ex-husband are currently on somewhat friendly terms. Shocking, right?

There was a time when Mohamed accused her of stealing from him and she was actively trying to get him deported.

Amazing how people grow and move on, don’t you think?

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