Modern Familys Eric Stonestreet Engaged To Lindsay Schweitzer See Her Massive Diamond Ring

The sitcom star announced his engagement to the pediatric nurse in a hilarious and sweet Instagram post!

Love is in the air! Eric Stonestreet took to Instagram on Sunday August 22 to tells fans that he and his longtime girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer are engaged! The 49-year-old actor shared a trio of photos where his fiancée showed off her gigantic ring. The couple have been dating since the Emmy-winner and pediatric nurse met at a charity event in 2016, according to People.

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The diamond on Lindsay’s engagement ring looked huge, as the couple posed for the photos. Lindsay rocked a light red sweater, while Eric sported a patterned button-down shirt and glasses. Even though the proposal was undoubtedly a tender and romantic moment shared between the couple, Eric still showed how funny he can be. “She said, ‘She’d have her people call my people,’” he wrote in the caption.

The Modern Family star also made a bunch of different faces, while Lindsay smiled with her ring. In the first photo, he looked perturbed as he held up his fiancée’s hand to show the ring. The second photo was definitely the sweetest as he lovingly gazed at his future wife, while she smiled at the camera. The last photo was undeniably the funniest though. Eric pointed at Lindsay’s ring, excitedly. It looked like he was shouting with joy that she’d said yes. These types of silly photos are par for the course with Eric, who regularly posts gorgeous photos of Lindsay with silly captions or occasionally shares funny videos of the nurse.

Eric and Lindsay seemed incredibly excited to share the news! Of course, Eric isn’t the only Modern Family star with a wedding on the horizon! His co-star Sarah Hyland and her fiancé Wells Adams have been engaged since July 2019. The actress and former Bachelor contestant got engaged after dating for two years, and the pair seem incredibly happy. They got cozy at the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise earlier in August, and even though most of their photos were sweet, the couple also found time to get a little silly, sticking their tongues out at one another on the red carpet.


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