Model Elizabeth Pipko — with Russian, Ukrainian roots — calls crisis an 'attack on democracy everywhere'

Pete Hegseth breaks down Ukraine invasion as Russian forces approach Kyiv

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Pete Hegseth on the location of Russian attacks as Putin attempts to bring down Ukraine government.

Model Elizabeth Pipko wants Ukrainians to know she is among the Americans rooting for their refuge amid the crisis of the Russia invasion.

Pipko, 26, who has long been outspoken about her patriotism, says the Russia-Ukraine crisis is a reminder that the people of the United States are “rooting and praying” for Ukrainians.

“We know that they don’t deserve what is happening to them and hope, and pray, that they can be courageous, but also remain safe during this time,” Pipko told Fox News Digital in an interview.

The founder of The Exodus Movement and author shared her personal connection to the conflict overseas.

A Ukrainian Army soldier inspects fragments of a downed aircraft in Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, Feb. 25, 2022. It was unclear what aircraft crashed and what brought it down amid the Russian invasion in Ukraine. 
(Associated Press)

“I am a first-generation American, with my entire family being from the former Soviet Union, so I have a very strong connection to everything that is going on right now. My family members come from all over the region, Russia, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine. Much of what makes me who I am came from that region of the world,” Pipko shared.

Despite living thousands of miles away from the crisis, the New York native reminded us why all Americans should remain vigilant amid this devastating moment in history.

‘It’s that simple’

“I have heard people ask, ‘Why we should care about what is going on in Russia and Ukraine today?’ We as Americans know what we stand for, and we know that an attack on democracy anywhere is an attack on democracy everywhere. It’s that simple,” she said.

Asked how she feels about the Biden administration’s response to the horrific loss of lives taking place in Ukraine, she said she believes it’s “incredibly early on” and not the time to pass judgment.

“One can only hope that they have learned their lesson after what we saw in Afghanistan and take proper action this time. 

Elizabeth Pipko shared a message to the people of Ukraine in an interview with Fox News Digital.
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“The United States was challenged in a similar way during the Cuban missile crisis. What we should hope for and expect as Americans is that our country and this administration can live up to the courage, creativity and determination of the Kennedy administration and respond correctly to what we are seeing,” the model continued.

Silence is not the answer

The crisis has prompted several celebrities, especially those with Ukrainian and Russian heritage, to speak out and call for an end. Many have shared the disbelief that war is occurring in 2022. Pipko declared this is another moment in history where silence is not the answer.

“I am always of the mindset of speaking up for what you believe in. At the least, that is what the Ukrainian people should expect from all of us today,” she said.

Elizabeth Pipko wrote the book ‘Finding My Place: Making My Parents’ American Dream Come True’ in 2020.
(Post Hill Press/Elizabeth Pipko)

“None of us should see silence as a possible response when people’s lives are in danger. As Martin Luther King said, ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ Silence is not only incredibly dangerous, but unacceptable when so much is at stake,” Pipko concluded.

Russia launched an attack on Ukraine, including Kyiv, overnight Wednesday that Russia called a “special military operation.”

Several buildings in Starobilsk within the Luhansk Oblast region of Ukraine show significant damage because of shelling, according to images shared by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
(State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

Ukraine President Zelenskyy reported 137 Ukrainians killed and more than 300 wounded on Day 1 of the Russian invasion. Ukraine Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said Friday that Russian forces had lost 2,800 service members since the start of the invasion.

People take shelter at a building basement while the sirens sound, announcing new attacks in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, Feb. 25, 2022. 
(Associated Press)

She added that Russia also lost 80 tanks, 516 armored combat vehicles, 10 aircraft and seven helicopters.

“We are strong!” she wrote on Facebook. “Victory will be ours!”

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