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The first to do this were Juan, The Blond, Guzman and his wife Maria. WorldTheres no guarantee that your daughter isnt going to end up dating a blonde or brunette and itll still probably be about the same amount of people in your country and you wont have a whole lot to work with. The point is, you dont know what youre dealing with. You do know that you dont have the luxury of time and that you want to get this over with so you know youve got to be more proactive. You have your daughter meet more people and put more out there about itIt takes a bit of digging, but once you find an event on television that is reasonably representative of the kind of thing you have in mind, you can make it real easy on yourself. Her face, which has been showing signs of nervousness, shows even more so when she realizes youre going to be making the effort to talk to her about it. You watch the TV with her and watch a baseball game. While you try to make it as real as possible, it still isnt as easy as youd like. Your daughter, who is an excellent student, is an excellent player in her own right. Its only two years, but youve seen enough professional baseball players in your time to know that this kid will eventually be a star. This girl has already gone through all the preparation for her life. Youve given her a couple of pointers, but she already has the attention to put out the events that you have in mind. Its going to be a long road, but youve got to at least talk to her every day from now on. This is going to be a life-changing conversation between you and your now teenager. Its going to be a conversation youll be glad you had. The next few months are spent on the phone trying.

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