Mila Kunis Delivers a Vague Message About Ukraine at the 2022 Oscars After Raising $35 Million for Refugees

Mila Kunis was invited to present at the 2022 Oscars this evening, and she used the opportunity to deliver a somewhat indeterminate message about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The actress immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine back in 1991, and while at the podium during Hollywood’s biggest awards show of the season, she vaguely referenced the conflict.

“Recent global events have left many of us feeling gutted. Yet when you witness the strength and dignity in the space of such devastation, it’s impossible to not be moved by their resilience. We cannot help but be in awe of those who find strength to keep fighting through unimaginable darkness.”

She then introduced Reba McIntyre, who performed “I’m Checkin’ Out.” Notably, Mila did not mention Ukraine by name in her speech.

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