Michael Cimino Hopes This Is What Love, Victors Legacy Is

Michael Cimino is speaking out about the end of Love, Victor.

The 22-year-old star of the series shared a lengthy Instagram post, opening up about how the show has changed his life and more.

He also dished about what he hopes the legacy of the Hulu series is.

See what he shared inside…

During a recent interview with Variety about the final season, Michael was asked, “What do you hope Love, Victor’s legacy is for those watching it now and discovering it in the future?”

“I hope we feel Love, Victor’s impact for a very long time, because this show has inspired so many people to come out to their families, and it has changed people’s perspectives on being part of the LBGTQ+ community,” Michael said. “It might be 10 people down the line who have never even seen the show that will be impacted because of the first person who watched it. We will be seeing ripples of Love, Victor for a long time.”

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