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And youre not just any one of them. Youre one of them for two reasons: One, youre rich, and two, youre fucking famous. Now you get to decide what to do w how to spend your time. You might as well spend it on a good thing, right. Especially if youre getting kicked out of your house. You decide to get a job and save up money which you do in just a couple weeks. The first thing you do is find a job at the famous Miami sex club Sugar ShackNow youre not exactly sure what that means exactly, but you can sort of relate to the slogan: The best place to catch young girls in Miami looking for work. You go to Sugar ShackYou have to admit, youre fascinated by the idea of a place that attracts a pretty young girl to work as a stripper. Its like the adult version of an online personal advertisement. After your interview at Sugar Shack, youre ushered into one of the clubs many waiting rooms where you meet the owner who introduces you to his secretary who hands you a piece of paper and a pen. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You nod and follow the secretary out the room, where you find yourself in a room filled with more than a hundred young women. Some are wearing skimpy outfits, some arent, but no matter what their attire this is a strip club. You watch as the young employees stand around in a semi-circle performing various sexual acts on each other, in the middle of which is the owner. The owner is looking directly at you as if begging you to take his job. You think about your own current situation and realize youve always sort of felt that way about strippers. You think about how much you love the music, the people, and even the ladies themselves, but then you remember you dont have a car and you cant actually go in the places where these girls are stripping. You walk to a girl on the far side of the room with a giant grin on your face. You reach you hand out to the stripper. She does so, but with her eyes wide and a hand over her mouth. You say, making sure to make her feel all the wrong things that youre sure a stripper would feel. You wave goodbye and leave the club behind.

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