Meteorologist Warns If You Eat Icicles, You're Eating Poop

Take a seat, kids (some adults too) … we’ve got bad news about those icicles you’ve been sucking on every winter, and this won’t go down easy. ?

Actually, Iowa meteorologist Katie Nickolaou is the real party pooper here, because after seeing social media clips of folks chomping on icicles … she had to speak up.

Katie, who works at KMEG in Sioux City, Iowa, is imploring people to break their icicle habit … unless, of course, they’re into eating bird ?. Check out her very scientific, and stomach-turning, explanation of the frozen treat.

The good news for Katie is her advice is spreading pretty quickly, courtesy of TikTok and Twitter.

Time will tell, though, if anyone actually gives a crap. Or eats it. Gross. ?

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