Megan Fox Goes Blonde For New Movie

Megan Fox swapped her signature brunette do’, but not permanently. We’ve finally got a peek at the platinum blonde look she sported in her new movie, Johnny and Clyde.

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Redbox Entertainment debuted a still of Megan’s character in the film, which is a reimagined take on the notorious life of the crime couple Bonnie and Clyde.

The story follows the madly-in-love serial killer duo played by Avan Jogia and Ajani Russell. Their ultimate goal is to rob a wealthy casino run by crime ringleader, Alana (Fox) and her head of security, Guy (Tyson Ritter).

Megan is no stranger to playing vicious roles — or wearing bold colors and bustiers—and it appears that Alana fits that description.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Director Tom DeNucci said, “Megan Fox’s character is very dark. I don’t want to give away too much, but visually we wanted her to almost be like a Disney princess, but a messed up, very dark, twisted version of that.”

While her hair may be princess-like with long-flowing curls, the rest of her look is a different story. Emanating boss vibes, Megan is pictured lounging in a leather chair with her bright yellow stilettos resting on the desk. Her character clearly has great taste, as the shoes perfectly contrast with the soft lilac bra and eggplant-hued pants.

Back in October when Megan made her Instagram debut as a blonde, she had teased that the silvery strands were for this movie. Including a Johnny and Clyde hashtag, she captioned a photo of herself, “This is what the devil’s daughter looks like,” hinting at a possible wicked twist.

The action-packed flick Johnny and Clyde is expected to hit theaters in late 2022 as well as become available in Redbox kiosks and on-demand.

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