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You dont see why not since it will fit your personality and its a nice change of pace from the usual stories and stories of other people. Of course all you care about is your own story and it doesnt take you long to put a pen to paper. The day comes and you wake up before anybody else and go about your routine as if you were one of the first to arrive. The bus ride from the station to the convention center is the longest since the only other people there are those that are in line to get on the buses. Youre glad you brought your own bag with you to save the hassle of making sure you dont have any of the bigger bags that could get caught. The convention center is a bit scary since you havent been in a place that looked like it had a lot of traffic on a daily basis. You jump a bit when you notice the voice of the bus driver and hear it over the drivers intercom. Uh, I thought you should have a seat closer to the front. You pause and turn your head to see a woman with bright red hair sitting in the front seat. Her expression just looks like its saying, Dont ask questions. Look, youve seen the posters and stuff around town, so Im sure youve seen all the trailers that the movies have been playing out in, why dont you come on board and Ill get you to the movie youre actually interested in. Well youre not going to sit somewhere you dont want to sit and youre definitely not going to miss a movie and you dont have any problems jumping at the first offer, so you hop aboard and the rest of the bus ride is uneventful. The bus eventually takes you all the way to the movies and once you get there, you start to settle in and start to catch on to the film titles and trailers. Its at this point you hear the door to the back of the bus open up.

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