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Date: Category: The official website for the television anime of Tsukasa Fushimi s Kurenai-hime to Clover x Amagami light novel series announced on Tuesday that the series has been green-lit for a second season. The animes official website already lists a second season as part of the projects future plans. The website describes the story:In the story, Shiki is a normal college student of average height, age, and intelligence. One day, he finds a book in his backpack that gives him extraordinary powers. Is an ancient tome of forbidden knowledge and forbidden tomes are said to grant mystical powers to the reader. The book gave him the power to read the minds of others. Literally meaning new world, are small, magical pocket worlds where different kinds of people live. Although they are not entirely devoid of people, they are a world in which humans have evolved into the shape of different animals. ; pinyin: Zhe Zhuo Nian each of which has their own culture. The five pocket worlds are: Onodera, Amagami, : This is the world of the fox, dog, horse, rabbit and rat. The planet is small, with mountains extending into the sky, and there are many different kinds of animals, plants, and other life forms. Although it is a world of animals, humans have not evolved as they do on a planet like Earth. : A famous magician and the founder of the Onodera Kingdom. He is an old man, standing at around 150 years old, with white hair and an overprotective motherly figure. There is a girl living in his village, a girl with brown hair. It was said that a book of forbidden knowledge landed at his feet. It is said that if the book was removed from his hand, all of his magical powers would be rendered null. Also known as the Black Turtle, is the God of the oceans.

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