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You a little ugly and ugly as well as a bit ugly. After all youll have time to kill before the next few hours. After a quick walk around the surrounding area and a quick meal you think its time to try one of the many games and amusements around the island. You go to the only place that really makes you feel like part of the family. You wander around for about an hour, just enjoying the quiet and taking in everything around you. You really felt this place belonged to you. Youd be out there far away from the world and not even have to worry about basic human needs. You think back to when you first came to this island, and remember spending every moment of those many long months there, in the company of people your own age and a few years older than you. These are the people that you spent your time with, and now they were about to spend theirs with you. You were about to enjoy the company of friends and family the rest of your life. You run back to the beach, and go back to your vehicle. And drive to the closest and most inconspicuous building on the island, a small resort. You press a number, and suddenly the elevator begins to descend. The elevator door opens, and a tall, dark haired man, with slightly freckled skin and brown eyes, stands at the door. I got your mom and your dads car for sale. He leads you towards a small car, which is parked nearby. My cousin, Matti, he got this one. His parents are dead now, so hes paying for himself. You take the keys from Johnny, and he drives off to where the car is. You the priceJohnny tells you the price for the car. Its going to be a bit of a drive from where you are now, but it wont be that much. Hey, you still remember your high school algebra.

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