Matt LeBlanc Hasn’t Spoken To His Dad In NINE Years?! Here’s What His Father Claims…

Matt LeBlanc’s father Paul LeBlanc is claiming the two haven’t spoken in nine years! And he’s going as far as to call his son out for changing after the success of Friends!

The 79-year-old Vietnam veteran made the claims to The Sun over the weekend, revealing that he apparently hasn’t had any contact with the actor after he moved out of Matt’s house following a fight. Since then, Paul’s been left on his own financially, as well. The veteran admitted:

“I’ve been living without any contact for nine years and it is still hard to believe what has happened.”

What were they arguing about?! Paul said after he suffered a “bad accident,” he gave away a motorbike, which had been bought using Matt’s money, to a nephew who could actually enjoy the vehicle — but that decision made his son “so angry,” resulting in their relationship’s demise. He shared:

“I’ve been cut off and locked out of my house over a humiliating argument about money and a motorbike.”

The father’s also not that proud of the man his son has become, going as far as to slam young LeBlanc’s successes, blaming Matt’s fame and fortune for their own falling out! The father added:

“The problem is that when someone has money, you don’t get into their lifestyle unless they want you there, and they can shut you down.”

He continued:

“Matt is erratic with me and he has a short temper. One minute he is nice, the next he is cutting your throat — not literally.”

Wow!!! Those are some bold things to be saying about your kiddo! Clearly, Paul’s not as over the petty argument as he might want to seem. On his life in the nine years since he’s been out of touch with the comedian, Paul noted:

“I’m an old man now and I live off social security. If it wasn’t for my savings, I wouldn’t be able to survive.”

With this news coming just before the Friends reunion drops on HBO Max Thursday, the timing should definitely raise a few eyebrows! What a convenient week to appear in the headlines, right?! Just in time to cause some ruckus and perhaps get a bit of spending money. No matter how true the claims may be, discussing them now (after nine years) seems a bit suspicious… The 53-year-old’s representative certainly thinks so, as they told Page Six:

“To put this in perspective, Matt’s father abandoned Matt and his mother when he was an infant.”

While they didn’t include any more insight, it’s obvious this situation is a lot more complex than Paul is making it out to be! According to The Sun, the estranged father returned to Matt’s life when he was 8, and in 1998 (while the sitcom was still airing), the Joey lead bought a home in Colorado for the patriarch. He was even given an “allowance,” which has since reportedly been taken away. So, whatever happened in that argument clearly meant a great deal to the Golden Globe winner!

Dramatic! Maybe Matt’s not as stingy as his character Joey Tribbiani, but just frustrated (for possible good reasons) over how his father was spending that “allowance”?! Who knows!

Do YOU think Paul’s claims are valid? Or is this all coming up at an awfully convenient time to bring his son’s name down in an attempt to get back on the payroll?! Sound OFF in the comments (below), Perezcious readers!

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