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This is the last list which was included in The Match Game. The list is not a List of all actors and actresses. You are a celebrity, and you need to match the celebritiesYou have to match them. Then you can win them all. The last time we saw Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland was back in the House of Commons debating a piece of legislation he was pushing in the UK parliament. He made the case for treating prostitution as a form of labor rather than the kind of criminal offense it currently is. The first time I encountered him was a few years back, after the Glasgow subway bombing in which his colleague Alex Johnstone and I were injured. It was a terrible time and I was recovering in a hospital bed, and when I met Salmond, I was still feeling the effects of the bomb. I am doing well, he told me, so far from being the victim of physical torture. The second question was how he was feeling about the debate over whether to legalize rape-support services. When it was proposed that people who help victims of rape should have more access to health care, Salmond called it an indiscriminate attack on human rights and a massive power grab. I am doing well, now that you have asked me that question, he said.

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