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This Match is the title of a game show hosted by Frank Welker. It is the 30th episode of which the series has originally aired, and the second half of the series finale, titled The Match Game – Part II, aired on 9 August 2004. This title was chosen by the production teams working on the series from over 30 suggestions from members of the public, and was officially announced on 17 April 2006. 12 The series finale aired as the second episode of the series finale of the first season of the show, called The Match – Part I, on 21 October 2006. The series finale is the first part of a complete season. A second season, titled The Match Game, premiered on 11 November 2008. A third season, entitled The Match Game: The Revenge, referred to as The Revenge Part II, premiered on 9 March 2010. A fourth season, titled The Match Game: The Redemption, referred to as The Match Game: The Redemption Part II, premiered on 26 June 2011, which concluded with The Match Game Part III. The series finale was the last episode ever produced for the series, because it was the last episode the network allowed to air before the series was cancelled. Contents showPlotThe series opens with a commercial for a local baseball team. The announcer says the team is called the Los Angeles Dodgers, and a group called the Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Club is holding a contest to see who can write the most romantic love letter to their beloved Ladies. The group then proceeds to take out a large piece of paper and a pen and asks each person to write a love letter; some people write a short one, some a long one, and some take the time to add more information about themselves. One by one, people take their turn and after writing their letter, they hand the letter to the announcer, who reads it aloud. The announcer then reads out the letter of each letter, except the first two, and shows how the letters are all connected to each other, but also have their own characteristics. The announcer then talks about how each letter was originally made up by Frank Welker, who was a famous journalist, and how each letter was then written by a different person to create the character for the letter, which would then be interpreted by a committee who chose which letter to send to which character based on how each letter was written. The announcer then reads the letter of each character and then says a short story, that was written by the committee, which is what the letter is referring to. He mentions that the Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 5.

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