Mask to Dustin Hoffmans literal paper bag, these celebs are masters of disguise…

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Some use tough-looking mask as their face. Some use stingy disguise to act out. Some use the public to gain information on the organization they already work for. Your name stands out among your crews. Your name stands out among your crews, as it is not on the official list of the organization. Your name is not on the official list, however, it would most likely be the first one that would come to mind that would know the most about the organization. You decide to be a secret employee, as it would be too obvious for others to suspect or know anything. You decide to go the route of masking your identity for the most part. You decide to go with a paper bag, but you never use it too frequently. Youre also a bit of a loner as you are trying to stay out of the way of other employees. Youre probably hiding out in this warehouse right now as well, as theres nobody else around, and nobody that would ask too many questions. You could also hide in the nearby bathroom, which would make things even easier. You go back to the bathroomYou get up and head back to the bathroom, that you think you saw on your previous trip to the area. You feel a bit weird taking a shower with such a large mask on, but you decide to give it a chance and it gets easier to wash off. When you finally finish, you exit your apartment and head back to the warehouse. While you may be a little paranoid right now, but when you feel more comfortable you head to the kitchen to get a glass of water for the mask. You head into the bathroom with the mask onYou exit your apartment and head to the bathroom to wash off the water.

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