Mary Steenburgen is an Academy Award-winning American actress…

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The number one most famous person on this list is probably Mary Steenburgen. Mary is known to anyone that wants to be in movies, on TV, or read about her on the internet as Marilyn and in the past she has been involved in a number of projects in Hollywood. Mary had a long career in movies as you might be aware. She played a number of movie and TV characters such as Mother Kelly in The Kelly Girls, Martha Stewart in The Wonder Years, Claire Trevor in The Brady Bunch, Catherine Martin in The Brady Bunch Movie, Julie Andrews in All The Presidents Men, and Mrs. If you were one of those people that grew up in the 1970s Mary Steenburgen was probably one of your favorite movies stars. However, if your idea of Mary Steenburgen is a Disney princess, then you might want to read about her life even if your personal relationship with her is limited. Mary Steenburgen grew up playing the pretty princess to her pretty husband. Mary had several children who grew up to be singers, actors, actors, and other creative types. Marys career started to decline when she divorced her second husband, she had a number of children, and began to do commercials to compensate financially for her declining career. Marys financial problems started when her children started not being satisfied with her performances and they began to demand more money for her services. Mary became upset and said she could not do anymore commercial work. Mary wanted a career change and tried several times to change her career path. She made several attempts to get a movie role. However each time she attempted to do this she was turned down. Mary finally changed her career path to play the part of Mrs. Smith and that was all that she wanted to do in her life. The last thing Mary wanted to do was to play the leading lady. Her children were unhappy with their mother and as you might imagine they wanted her to change to a more supportive role and thats when she started being involved in the Hollywood parties and drug-laced orgies. While her children were unhappy with her, Mary also wanted to be the star, she wanted to change her career path to being the famous actress that they want her to be. She wanted to change her kids lives to a more positive one. Mary Steenburgen wants her children to know that she was a happy person before she got involved with parties and drugs and to get help. She is also here to assure her children that if they need help with her, then she wants to help them. Her children are also here to tell her that they want to be involved in her plans in any way.

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