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I am a long time reader of the blog that brought you the news that Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pence as his VP candidate. To me, that doesnt really mean much, its just a name to add to a long list. Like most conservatives, I do not really care what the VP candidate looks like, in fact I find it insulting that anyone takes it as such. But a mans character is usually a more important factor in determining how they respond to the issues than how they look. Trump is a narcissistic opportunist who has no principle and has made no secret of that fact. His vice president would be a man like Paul Ryan. Ryan has been one of the most consistent members of the Republican Party. Despite being anti-Trump, he has never wavered in his support of the President. I have not just voted for Ryan, but I have held fundraisers for him. The Ryans of this world cant accept that Trump won the election. Ryans are obsessed with maintaining a strangle hold on the levers of power in the Republican Party. The Ryans were not exactly subtle about that during the campaign. Now it seems that theyre going to try to use the Presidency of the United States to maintain that stranglehold. The Trump presidency will be just another opportunity to achieve their goals. I could not be happier that Trump has chosen him over a polished politician with a lot of name recognition, however Pence is a lifelong member of the House of Representatives with the most powerful voting power. He is also the most steadfast defender of the conservative principles that have guided the party of Reagan and the party that he has served for years. The Ryans have done the complete opposite and now they realize what theyve done. Now theyre going to try to undermine the president in an election for the sole purpose of continuing the decline of conservatism they began. I will happily vote for someone who represents the principles of the Republican Party, but it is beyond my comprehension how they can do anything other than further the efforts of those that want to roll us back. So how can you make your voice heard if youre not even a Republican, let alone a voter. My suggestion is to start by using your right to vote. If you cant vote, write in Steve King. I know you may be horrified by this suggestion, but you have to think about what.

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