Margaret Josephs: Teresa Got Kicked Out of the Vacation House After Her Tantrum!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers recoiled at Teresa Giudice’s latest flipout.

She stopped just short of flipping over the table as she threw a drink, cursed, and threatened her castmates.

There was something odd about the way that Teresa departed after that.

Now, Margaret Josephs — the primary target of her ire at the time — says that Teresa was ordered to leave by production.

Teresa Guidice accused Margaret Josephs of leaking things to the media.

Margaret fired back that Tre is a “sick, disgusting liar.”

This is what prompted the tossed drink, and it naturally did not stop there.

Teresa screamed obscenities and threats.

This was, of course, in full view (and earshot) of the entire restaurant.

Yes, we’ve seen Teresa behave worse, but … that’s a pretty low bar. Her meltdown was excessive.

The next thing that viewers knew, Teresa was telling Luis Ruelas that they had to go.

They were leaving the vacation spot and finding another place to sleep.

It was weird, and viewers could tell that something was up — but what?

Margaret Josephs was a guest on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast to discuss just that.

“You do see her leaving the house,” she noted. “You know, do you see her leaving the house?”

Margaret continued: “Do you remember that? I mean, let’s read between the lines.”

“Do you think that was her choice?” Margaret asked.

Answering her own question, she said: “No. Exactly.”

The implication here is that production instructed Teresa to leave, likely in order to prevent an incident.

“[Teresa’s] feeling is to intimidate, dominate, and humiliate,” Margaret characterized.

“That’s the way she bites,” she continued.

“But,” Margaret added, “that doesn’t work with someone like me.”

Margaret also speculated that Luis was “upset” by witnessing Teresa’s out-of-control behavior for himself during the cast trip.

“Everybody was in shock,” she detailed.

Margaret described: “It was like blind rage on her part.”

“I think [Luis] didn’t even know what to say or do,” Margaret suggested.

She added: “I don’t think he ever saw that side of her.”

Margaret summarized the Teresa Tantrum: “It was, you know, it was mayhem.”

“I think it upset him truthfully, I think it upset him,” Margaret expressed.

All of this was because of him, after a fashion.

At least, Teresa believed that Margaret had been leaking things about him to “bloggers,” and saw this as a personal attack.

But Luis has been a hot topic since he and Teresa were merely dating.

He has a troubling history, from claims made by exes to an alleged road rage incident several years ago.

These are a lot of red flags, and to be blunt, some fans think that he’s only on his best behavior around Teresa out of a desire for fame.

Luis "Louie" Ruelas and Teresa

That doesn’t mean that her castmates all have her best interests at heart, but it does mean that it’s not unreasonable for them to ask questions.

Teresa has been treating every question and concern like a personal attack on her happiness.

But then, reasonable reactions and decent conflict-resolution skills do not a successful reality star make.

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