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He was actually one of the creators of the television show, The Partridge Family, and was responsible for numerous late night TV appearances. He had a recurring role in the hit movie, The Longest Yard, where he played the character of Sgt. The part of Jones had to be re-written after it was discovered that he was actually bald. He wore the one wig that could be found that looked just like the real thing. He was the first celebrity to have his famous image used on the side of a milk carton. He once had a recurring part on a CBS soap opera. He was killed when a bomb exploded while he was riding in a paratrooper plane over Hiroshima, Japan. He only survived because his parachute failed to open and he dangled from the second-to-last rope ladder. I cant even imagine what the words that people share about their own bodies would look like. Theres always a bunch of people with disgusting words that they have for theirselves. I can tell you a little bit about my own life. My Father was bipolar and frequently suffered from severe depression. My mother was a stay at home mum, living and working in a low wage job as a clerk in the local post office. Most of her time was spent at church or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Her attitude towards work was one of work is a right and she was a full time mum. Despite her lack of formal education, she did everything she could to support us. My sister and I were the odd ones out. Mom wasnt a fan of working outside the home and insisted that we work hard in school. My sister and I were the only ones in the family to actually be considered smart and as such, we were the ones to have paid the price for that in terms of the time spent on homework. My sister was a lot more social and enjoyed hanging out with the other kids, while I was more reserved and shy by nature. This probably had very little to do with my being a boy or even a stoma, just the fact that life in general is a lot harder for everyone and its hard to make friends. I suppose one thing that makes me unique is I was always very self-conscious about my weight and I felt extremely uncomfortable about my body and my size. I certainly wasnt the only one in my family to feel this way and Im sure it had.

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