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While I know there are probably a lot of issues here, I think we can all agree that this is a nice little message of hope to be spread about people with stomatitis. The sooner that all of us in the medical field realize that there is more to the human body than just a collection of tubes, the sooner the stomatitis community can begin to heal a little. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the need to be aware of social media and how it can be used and abused. Some of my comments were not encouraging and one of my posts got taken down. Although I did not mean to offend, I will say I am not surprised by it. I was not expecting social media to suddenly become a source of hate and negative comments but it has. I am not going to delve into some of the reasons why people are angry and upset. Many sites like rconspiracy and rtruerthanuhumanity are a bunch of conspiracy theorists who like to make things up. I dont care what their reasons are for being angry or upset, my focus is on their comments. I am getting a lot of them recently in a different and unexpected way. Some of the comments that have been commented on my blog have contained the n-word. If you have been following the rconspiracy and rtruerthanumanity comments, you will know that both of those forums are full of angry people with a lot of misconceptions. One of the main problems with these forums is that they are full of angry people who feel they can say anything and will not be held responsible for their words. I do not have any intention of defending the people who are saying these things on these forums. I feel sorry for the people who are upset and I know they have a right to be upset. I even have a lot of sympathy for rtruerthanuhumanity because they also have a right to have their views. I do however have a problem with people who are making death threats. I have a problem with people who are saying they are going to burn and kill others. There are some people doing this in the name of religion and some people in the name of the Constitution. These kinds of threats have to stop and I think that we are entering a dangerous new kind of time. We should all be extremely cautious of the things we say. I dont think the issue is with the people who are saying these things. I think that there are also some people who are saying all kinds of things.

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