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I figured, Im going to die, so I should feel like Ive done something worthwhile. In the last few weeks, there have been several examples of young people who take such an approach to death. Two weeks ago a 19-year-old Michigan woman died by hanging. In 2010, a Florida woman also killed herself by hanging. And in January of this year, a 20-year-old from the Los Angeles area committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. According to investigators, she had been depressed because her relationships with her boyfriends had ended and she had been working a dead end job. But what makes this type of youth suicide particularly troubling is the fact that so many of them have mental health problems, which makes them more likely to be on a path to try to kill themselves. According to the National Association of Youth Counseling Services, one in five youth ages 10 to 17 had a mental illness in a 2009 national survey. In 2010, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reported that in some states, one in five youth ages 10 to 17 had a mental illness and that about 5,000 youth deaths a year are linked to mental illness. In a study out of the University of Kentucky, researchers are looking at a potential genetic link to these high numbers. Hines, an Indiana University professor who has studied the issue.

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