Many of Americas most famous people deal with the disorder…

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Her social anxiety seems to be causing her to be a bit of a snob in some way. Maybe I should just do something about her social anxiety, so I can make a new connection. Ve had of not having many friends. I am making a podcast about it and maybe you could help me out, because I really need to. If Dave is a nice guy and wants to help you out how about it is just like that. I mean you are a nice guy who can make an appointment with you and you know his name right. Re going to have to come to some other sort of agreement. Ll do that, just let me get something down on paper. Here let me get my tablet or whatever those are, you can look at my other podcasts. S approach at first, but then you get used to it. You end up not meeting Dave though, because you meet someone else you think would be a far better match. You spend your free time at home actually not even having any time.

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