Many celebrities threatened to move to Canada or another country if Donald Trump…

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Although the idea of celebrities moving as a way of protesting his victory is pretty hilarious given that the majority of celebrities are still loyal Democrats or else unenthusiastic Republican Party voters. It is possible, however, that most of these stars are just playing for time and trying to get themselves some rest while they wait to see if Trump will actually go through with his move to Canada threat. Via Washington ExaminerAn Ohio newspaper has suspended a reporter and a photographer after they snapped photos showing a line of police officers standing guard outside a building in which a black man has been arrested. The photos appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Monday night. Com, the Enquirers editor suspended reporter John Caniglia and photographer Tim Graham over the pictures, saying they didnt raise any concerns about the pictures before publishing them. SPONSOREDThe Enquirer said the pictures were taken on Sunday night by one of its photographers in the parking lot of the courthouse where 43-year-old Charles Ramsey was jailed. According to the Enquirer, the photographers photos show some of the officers standing around the front and side of a parking structure by a car dealership. The Cincinnati police department told the Enquirer that officers approached Ramsey for questioning about an assault charge. The police chief of the city of Cincinnati, Michaeluth, said that he was not aware that Ramsey was being placed under surveillance by his arresting officers, and he called for an investigation. Weve got concerns about that particular arrangement, he told the Cincinnati Enquirer. The pictures of the officers in front of the building at which Ramsey was arrested caused an uproar on social media. This is a clear violation of the trust we all place in these local law enforcement, wrote one social media user. Youre not just being a racist bigot towards blacks on Sunday. You are also being a racist bigot towards all of us on a regular basis for being black and not being able to keep your own personal security in check, wrote another. A number of people also took to Twitter to send tweets at the Cincinnati police department in which they complained about the officers. This is a disgrace to the officers that work for you, said one. The Enquirer apologized for the photo and the incident and said it was taking steps to ensure this doesnt happen again.

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