Many actors, musicians, and athletes have said that theyre able to be successful …

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I hate to break your heart, but youre not a famous actor. How can you be an actor if youre not a famous religious person. Re not going to question this belief system. S what their publicists tell me they do. Your argument is met with a sarcastic, derisive look and an obvious retort. Shit, so did you really think for one minute that I was going to turn you into Jesus. T respond to his insults, since it gave you and your sister the chance to make up. It is only due to your previous statements that caused your sister to become estranged from you. Re hopeful that she might come around, if only to make amends. D just get an indifferent response like some of the other questions. Nah, I got this, so what happened, did you get turned on or what. Why do you even want to know.

Article about Famous christian celebrities