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Gumby-Wigs are worth it, but Ben would satisfactorily, earn more with a. Not even the Hollywood, Pomona, studio headliners. You goYou might be bald, but you cant afford a wobbly hairpiece or a wiggly wig. A real guy with a big, squarehead, square-ass, square-nosed, goatee. You decide you gotta go to the hairdresser. Re not quite ready to get your hair done yet. Why dont you come back later. S got a lot of business to answer to, so you head back upstairs. As you get ready to enter your apartment, the hairdresser comes up from behind you. M balding in my hair right now. You stop walking, turn around and run back to your apartment. I told you, I was gonna do it when I got to college. They got a lot of old guys around there, so I really liked getting to know my peers. You turn around, start to say something, but then stop and say nothing. You hang up and go back to your apartment.

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