Male Celebrities Who Are Shorter Than You Think…

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The EndYou close the program, the computer shuts down, and you sigh and put the disk back in your USB stick. Youve spent too much time with this thing. You turn around and get in a cab back to your hotel. You think about going to the movies, but given that its a Wednesday, maybe you should get dinner instead. You end up getting a room the same price as a deluxe one at the Hyatt, where you still get to use your own TV and the TV is in the same room as you. Youre not sure how much youre going to get for it, but youre still feeling good about getting it. The movie they show you is a fairly forgettable comedy called The Blind Side. They also show you a couple more movies on DVD about small town kids doing strange things. That one looks like it might be a little more family friendly; if you had a father like you once had, you think you would have preferred a movie like that. Eventually, you fall asleep while in the middle of a movie, but you cant fall asleep, you get restless. You get up and you go to the movies with the purpose of not falling asleep in them. Eventually, you finish watching The Blind Side and you walk out of the theater. Hey, Ive been looking for you, you say to the guy with you. You look at yourself in the rearview mirror, then look at the man and say How much. He looks at the time readout on the screen and says Ten, one dollar. He drives off leaving you to go home. FRIDAYYou get up early and get ready in a hurry. You still dont know how youre going to pay for the hotel. You call your boyfriend, but he hasnt called you back yet. You spend most of your day with your computer, doing research. You decide to do a little bit of research yourself. You start with a Wikipedia page on the topic of how many Americans are on a particular date. Wikipedia says there arent many, but then it isnt an exact number. 3 billion people in the world, or there about 2 billion more Americans than there were at the time of the last census. Youre really not sure what you should make of all this; maybe this is just how numbers work. As youre playing around, typing in various words like Americans.

Post about 5’10 celebrities