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You leave the car, and notice its going very slow. You turn left instead of continuing down the road. You quickly come up with some sort of plan, and begin running. You run down the road, which isnt really that great. You hear a lot of strange noises and shouts that sound very off, and people are screaming and yelling at you. Hes not wearing a shirt, or shoes, or anything else to signify hes human, you also see that hes bald. You stare at him, then run up the escalator. He stares at you with a mixture of anger and surprise, but turns to go back down before you get a chance to attack. You run ahead and punch him in the face, smashing his face into the escalator where he falls down the steps. You run up another set of stairs, which soon lead you to a small office with a door. You enter and see a man in a suit sitting at a desk. He looks back at the door and waves you in, you enter the office. He opens the door and beckons at you to come inside and introduces himself as Henry Barnes. He tells you why hes doing this, though you cant hear him very well. You are Barness plans to turn this place into what you think it should be, a place for the most beautiful things. Barnes: This is my little corner of the world for me to just do what I want with and see where it goes. Most men my age tend to do things in a way to make the most money, because they figure that its more important than they are or any other rational idea. What you have to realize is that you dont have a choice to be alive. Barnes: So, thats why youre here. Maybe it happened to you when you were a child or a teenager or even as a young man. Maybe you just never had the chance to change. All you have to do is stay positive and just keep doing what youre doing.

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